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I have conducted a survey across my electorate, which revealed 46% in favour for the End of Life Choice Bill, 46% opposed and 8% uncertain. I supported the End of Life Choice Bill because I feel that there should be an element of choice for those who are in the final moments of their lives. I respect that for many they wish to pass peacefully and with dignity and access to assisted dying will give them this option. Palliative care is doing a wonderful job for most New Zealanders, but there are a small number for whom palliative care is not suitable – this option is for them.

The criteria for eligibility is robust, to mitigate the risk of coercion or inappropriate approvals. I have confidence that our highly trained medical practitioners will exercise a conservative approach in their use of this legislation, to ensure the right outcome for their patients.

I encourage everyone who is voting on this to educate yourselves on what the End of Life Choice Bill involves before making your decision and casting your vote. More resources are available on the Referendum website found here or your local Member of Parliament's office.

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