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Listen Hear - Backing down on better outcomes

I am always impressed by those who work in emergency services. People who give their time, energy and expertise to serve our community in times of need; working to ensure...

Mycoplasma Bovis confirmed in Waikato

The cattle disease Mycoplasma Bovis continues to rampage across New Zealand with the Waikato region the latest to be declared, Waikato MP Tim van de Molen says. “My thoughts are...

Tim van de Molen MP: Maiden speech

The mighty Waikato: beautiful scenery; well managed & successful farms; thriving and vibrant provincial towns; diverse but united communities; and continual opportunity. As the new Member of Parliament for the...

Police to get big boost in Waikato electorate

National’s Waikato candidate Tim van de Molen says today’s announcement of a significant boost in Police resources for the electorate will make communities safer.

National selects new Waikato candidate for 2017

Local farmer and rural banker Tim van de Molen has been selected by National to contest the Waikato electorate at the 2017 General Election.