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We are coming into the time of year we should be enjoying the icons of Kiwi Christmas; the beach, BBQs, road trips and large ice creams dripping down your hand in the heat of the January sun to name but a few! The concern this Christmas is the affordability of these icons, in light of the remarkable increases we have seen in taxes over the past year of the Labour-led Government.

Nobody is doubting the Government’s good intentions but these have consequences that are doing more harm than good. The oil and gas ban may have sounded good, its aim was to reduce emissions. That’s a good intention. But we now know that not only will it not do that, it will actually increase global emissions.

All the changes the Government is making to the rental market are supposed to make it better for renters. But, unfortunately, the opposite is happening. Good intentions, bad outcomes.

Labour said it wouldn’t add any new taxes in its first term. Then we saw a regional fuel tax in Auckland, three national petrol tax increases, an extension of the bright line test, ring fencing of losses and the Amazon tax.

When we say no new taxes, we actually mean it. If National wins the right to govern in 2020 there will be no new taxes in our first term, and we’ve also committed to repealing a Capital Gains Tax.

Michael Cullen’s Tax Working Group has announced it is putting together two options for a Capital Gains Tax, but it admits that this won’t fix the housing market but will lead to higher rents for those who can least afford it.

New Zealanders deserve to have certainty when it comes to managing family budgets, and the way the Government has managed its budget for the past year has had a huge impact on New Zealand families.

Under the Labour-led government rents have gone up two and a half times faster than under National. They’re up $30 a week, or $1560 a year. Petrol taxes have been piled on. The typical car now costs $15 more to fill up than this time last year. That all adds up and families are feeling it.

Higher petrol prices mean groceries become more expensive too. Heading into the summer break we want families to be able to fill up the tank, go on a road trip and pack everything they need for a BBQ without worrying about the price tag. But that’s just a bit harder now.

This Government claims to be kind, but these policies are hurting Kiwi families and heading into Christmas, that’s just not fair.

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