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I have conducted a survey across my electorate, with 83% opposed to legalising the recreational use of marijuana. This aligns with the verbal feedback I’m receiving from regular engagement with my constituents.

It is my personal view that legalising marijuana would not be in the best interests of New Zealanders. One of my key concerns is the health and safety implications for the workplace & on our roads – we already see more people killed by drug driving, than drunk driving each year. I am also very concerned about the social impacts that legalisation will have on our society, and the health implications for our youth, particularly their developing minds.

Without the existence of an appropriate testing regime, I do not have confidence that these concerns can be rectified.
The referendum is not binding in the typical sense, as no legislation has been passed to enact the law if the ‘yes’ referendum result is achieved. So it would still be open to significant change by the next government.

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